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Yellowtail (Seriola Lalandi)

Yellowtail is carnivorous and feeds on a variety of fish like Mackerel, sardines, anchovies, squid, crab, and smelts.  Often, Yellowtail are found in schools feeding at the surface of the water, as well as deeper down. Yellowtail is most commonly known as hamachi when prepared for sushi.

Yellowtail Hamachi Skin-on Fillets



“Most farmed yellowtail originates in Japan. These farms use large quantities of feed that's made from wild-caught fish and also gather the young fish for the farm from the wild. There are also serious concerns regarding disease and water pollution. As a result, we recommend consumers "Avoid" yellowtail farmed in Japan. Yellowtail farmed in Australia also has a high reliance on wild-caught fish for feed and there are serious concerns regarding parasites. Farmed yellowtail from Australia is also ranked as "Avoid."” (Seafood Watch). 

Yellowtail Hamachi Collars


 Yellowtail Hamachi Portions

Gulf Pacific’s Yellowtail Hamachi Fillets and Portions are processed from Wild Caught fish only. All of our raw material comes from artisanal day boat production only, ensuring only the freshest fish possible. All of our fish is processed and Cryogenically frozen at -90 Deg C the same day it is delivered. Gulf Pacific’s process delivers you only the best quality frozen fish on the market. Our fish is guaranteed to deliver you consistency and quality that is better than fresh every time. 

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