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Caught in the icy cold Benguela current off the coast of Southwestern Africa, Cape Capensis has become a popular substitute for more expensive species like Cod, Haddock, Flounder, Sole, and even Orange Roughy. The nutrient-rich unpolluted water of the Benguela current is swept up the western coast of Africa from the Antarctic. This frigid water is important to this fish’s firm texture.
Cape Capensis, also known as “Merluza” in Europe, is a mild white fish with a flaky firm flesh. Cape Capensis is well known world-wide for its premium quality and has been long sought after in Europe for its white flake and sweet flavor.
Cape Capensis is processed on trawlers within two hours of being caught to lock in that “just caught” flavor. The fish is deep skinned to remove most of the fat line and has a bloodline that is virtually non-existent. The bones are removed and the fish are packed and plate frozen in a shatter-pack case. Removing most of the fat line and packing the fish in a shatter-pack case prolong the self life of the fish. Cape Capensis has a 24 month shelf life, kept frozen.
Treat Cape Capensis as you would good Flounder or Sole. It’s a versatile fish and can be battered and fried for a fish fry or used in a fine dinning establishment. Sautéing, steaming, and poaching can be used to make delectable dishes. Cape Capensis marries with complex sauces well and also pairs superbly with shellfish like ship and mussels.
"This film captures the efforts of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem Programme, a joint initiative by the governments of Namibia and South Africa, to manage and utilize the resources of the Benguela Current LME in a sustainable and integrated way."


Nutritional facts

 Per 3.5 oz (100 gr) portion
 Calories 87
 Fat calories 20
 Total fat 2.2 g
 Saturated fat 0.4 g
 Cholesterol --
 Sodium 83 mg
 Potassium 308 mg
 Iron --
 Protein 12.8 g
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